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Culinary Adventures

Want to journey beyond the menu?

Feeling Adventurous? Want to journey beyond the menu? Put yourself and your group in Chef Fabrizio’s hands. No menus, no decisions—just rest and repose while you delight in a gourmet passage through a special menu of sometimes exotic, sometimes pastoral, but always hand-picked courses. Every step of the way, our staff will select wine pairings to match the courses. Our energetic and whimsical Chef Fabrizio can create an event that is nothing less than a journey through Italian cuisine, his passion for food and for life coming alive before your eyes––and on your taste buds.

Upon request for Culinary Adventures, guests will be given a brief consent form dictating any known allergies and dietary preferences.

Chianti - Culinary Adventures

Feeling adventurous?

Fabrizio's menus never disappoint. To learn more about him and his culinary aesthetic, visit his bio here.