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David Zecchini, owner of DZ Restaurants in Saratoga Springs, grew up in Rome. At age 21, David moved to California where he began his career as a restaurateur at Sapori in New Port Beach. Later, working at Carmelo’s, a restaurant in nearby Corona del Mar Beach, David met his longtime friend and mentor, Carmelo Manto.

Rooted in Italian sensibility Carmelo’s reflected Manto’s passion for bringing Italian culture to the United States, one of the many lessons Manto taught Zecchini about the restaurant industry. Under his guidance Manto ultimately promoted David to General Manager at Sapori. Shortly after Manto died, Zecchini opened his first restaurant called La Fontana in Huntington Beach, CA. He later sold the restaurant and moved to Saratoga Springs.

Never shying away from a new challenge, David decided opened Chianti Il Ristorante in beautiful downtown Saratoga Springs in 1998. Chianti Il Ristorante serves sophisticated, authentic Northern Italian fare in an elegant setting. Combining seasonal food, an award-winning wine selection, a welcoming and knowledgeable staff and a detailed, inviting ambiance Chianti provides every guest with a superb and unforgettable dining experience.

In 2000 David doubled the size of Chianti and in the process expanded from 12 employees to 40. He completely redesigned and transformed the former site of a chain restaurant into an elegant, intimate dining room that quickly became a favorite for fine dining in the area.

Zecchini’s success with Chianti Il Ristorante led to the beginning of a regional restaurant collection that currently employs over 300 people. In 2002 he opened his second venue, Luna Lounge and Night Club and in 2003 he opened the restaurant portion of Luna.

In 2004, David opened Forno Bistro inside the Old Firehouse building on Broadway in Downtown Saratoga. Anchoring Saratoga’s vibrant downtown Forno Bistro offers a variety of rustic, Tuscan-style food rooted in tradition. Forno chef’s use only the freshest seasonal ingredients to prepare dishes with respect to their flavors, appearance and aroma. Forno’s menu is sophisticated but approachable, expressing the sense of hearth and home that defines the Tuscan style of life.

In 2005 David reinvented Luna Lounge and Night Club as Mare Ristorante by utilizing all three floors of the Luna’s 17000 sf building. In 2006 David sold Mare Ristorante.

2008 saw the grand reopening of Chianti Il Ristorante in a brand new building on Division St in Saratoga, designed from the ground up by David and his team.

Two years later in 2010 David open Pasta Pane in Clifton Park, NY; ten miles south of Saratoga.  Pasta Pane is a beautiful, raw and rustic environment. The menu is simple, yet delicious; approachable and comforting with simple, rustic food of the freshest and highest quality. It is from this uncomplicated and straight-forward style that Pasta Pane derives its name; which translates to Pasta and Bread.

In June of 2012 David opened Boca Bistro on Broadway in Saratoga Springs. Boca Bistro blends vintage Spanish elements with a distinctive contemporary spirit unique to every DZ Restaurant. Through a mosaic of earthen and distressed textures, stylistic accents and a touch of Mediterranean influence Boca Bistro embodies the charismatic essence of an authentic old-world restaurant.